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Contact Details
Choose the correct word or phrase from the drop-down menus
to a customer at the moment.
to her office every day.
taking clients out to dinner.
to China last month to visit our new subsidiary.
any profits last year.
the sales manager yesterday?
a mistake in this report.
visit our Spanish office next week.
change at Frankfurt.
daughter in Australia.
do you get from London to Birmingham?
wrote this letter?
it yet.
it to you last week.
helpful than his assistant.
test I have ever done!
to his secretary.
to Japan before?
the result of the meeting.
our price, we would gain market share.
several months.
the machine
drive a fiat.
the Chairman.
translate it, so I did it for him.
by a friend of mine.
at once.
for months.
by plane.
in a few minutes.
our company in South America.
key personnel if they don't offer generous benefits.
us the contract.
the Chief Executive's final decision.
from you soon.
six directors and the Chairman.
your shares in that company - it has doubled its profits recently.
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